The power of choice

We’re an innovative energy company empowering you to choose cheaper, cleaner and more reliable electricity. 

An electricity retailer with a difference, we have a license to supply all customers, and offer a real and reliable alternative to traditional suppliers.

We work with communities to deliver sustainable electricity, at a cheaper price than you are currently paying. In doing so, we offer real benefits to the communities we work with.

Don’t surrender to the status quo – Clear Energy offers you the power of choice.


We build generation onsite which reduces the overall cost of electricity.


We use the best technologies to protect our environment.


We create employment opportunities and stimulate economic development in regional WA.

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Our model delivers cheaper, cleaner and more reliable electricity to remote and regional communities in a way that allows for participation, job creation and revenue at the local community level. Further, we deliver system security for network owners and regulators as we transition to a post carbon world.

Our Communities and Partners