Benefits of Clear Energy

Clear Energy benefits its customers as we are more reliable because we generate electricity onsite using sustainable, renewable technologies. These technologies are better for reducing your carbon footprint and better for the economy because we put money back into the community. Clear Energy is better for Western Australia. 

Cheaper for our customers

When energy is located on-site and connected at low voltage, less electricity is used. This results in reduced electricity consumption and reduced costs. Because customers don't have to pay for the upfront cost for generation, our model makes sustainable energy technology available to all.

Better for the environment

Using renewable energy sources reduces C02 emissions. Clear Energy customers save approximately 0.7kg C02-e per kWh generated from our systems. We take advantage of advances in technology to make a difference today and support the future power system in Western Australia.

More Reliable

Local onsite generation results in improved reliability of electricity supply and system security. This means less outages and more confidence in your electricity.

supporting you and your community

By involving the community as a major stakeholder in our business model, local community members are invested in the decision-making process, sharing in the benefits. A portion of all electricity sales is reinvested into the region via the community group.

Discover how Clear Energy is working with our community groups Geraldton Community Energy and Augusta Margaret River Clean Community Energy to invest in local community initiatives.