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Clear Energy is a WA licenced electricity retailer, owned by Tersum Energy. Tersum Energy builds and operates electricity generating assets on behalf of Clear Energy. Clear Energy sells electricity from these generation assets to the end customer, you.

Clear Energy is an electricity retailer, just like Synergy.

What makes us different is that we take today’s technologies (solar, wind, hydrogen, and storage) and build customer sized power stations, installing them where you the customer uses the electricity. We are unique in that we can both sell (retail) and generate renewable electricity. 

Our model is based on Distributed Energy Resources (DER), which is where local generating assets such as solar PV generate electricity where it’s consumed. People often confuse us with solar installers who just install roof solar systems.

Traditionally, big power stations were built to supply electricity, the ‘generators’ sold this electricity to retailers who sold it to customers. It was a model designed in the 1960’s.

Clear Energy is a licenced electricity retailer in WA with an offering that differs from other electricity retailers as follows:

  • No upfront capital costs.
  • Provides long-term fixed electricity prices.
  • You only pay for the electricity you consume.
  • Each generating system is unique as it’s designed solely for your requirements.
  • A percentage of electricity sales are reinvested into local community initiatives.

In partnering with Clear Energy, communities receive an income from electricity sales. The capture and redistribution of revenue in the local region enables investment in community projects.

Having local stakeholders involved means money is reinvested into meaningful community projects for the shared benefit of all. 

The Community Energy funds are distributed in accordance with the objectives of their community. Local stakeholder involvement in decision-making as to how these funds are used is encouraged. 

By using the latest advancements in renewable technologies such as solar and wind, you can reduce your CO₂ emissions by approximately 0.7 kg CO₂-e per kWh, thereby supporting the environment. 

Clear Energy is 100% owned by Tersum Energy which has significant financial resources. In the event of the Tersum Group going under, our financing company will step in and manage your contract to completion.


We will discuss with you and the landlord a solution that delivers benefits to both. Installation and any future removal (if required) of the generation equipment will have no impact on the premises, and any damages that may occur are covered by Clear Energy’s insurance policy.

Clear Energy is happy to assist in discussions with your landlord. Generating cheaper renewable electricity is a plus for your landlord as they can advertise cheaper electricity as a selling point if you leave and novate the contract to them.

No, as our goal is to deliver lower-priced electricity and to keep the price of electricity down. Rent or fees are input costs, which would increase the price of the electricity to you.

Where this happens, we provide a range of options:

  • Buy out option at depreciated rates at any stage of the contract.
  • Novate to a new user on property sale or lease completion.
  • Buy out and take the generation system with you.
  • Relocate the system to your new location at no upfront cost to you by extending or amending the contract.

Yes, we do require access to our generation equipment for operations and maintenance purposes. We will arrange visits where possible ahead of time, however, in an emergency, we will need unimpeded access to the equipment.

In the instance where your lease is short term, we provide a range of options:

  • Buy out option at depreciated rates at any stage of the contract.
  • Novate to a new user on property sale or lease completion.
  • Buy out and take the generation system with you.
  • Relocate the system to your new location at no upfront cost to you by extending or amending the contract.
No. Most systems are installed in a matter of days. You only need to be there to let the installers in and out. Works are generally quiet and unobtrusive.

The risk of fire is extremely low. In the event of a fire-related incident, our insurance covers you for any damages.


Our contracts have two electricity price components:

  • Electricity from your generation system (renewable).
  • Electricity from the grid (renewable or non-renewable).

You will be charged different prices depending on if it’s generated or supplied from the grid. Currently, a portion of your electricity will be supplied from the grid. However, as batteries and other technologies become more accessible we plan to reduce the amount of electricity that is grid-supplied.

Clear Energy is unique in that because we own the generation systems, you the customer, only pay for the electricity you consume.

As a licenced electricity retailer, Clear Energy buys grid electricity in the wholesale market. If a customer only wants to be supplied with a specific type of electricity (eg. renewable), Clear Energy can purchase this on your behalf.

Yes. We are committed to finding solutions in all circumstances and can talk to you about your options. Depending on the condition of your system, we can purchase, replace or remove as necessary.

We build bespoke energy solutions tailored to the individual customer. In most cases, we will install solar generation first, as it’s straightforward and delivers a significant portion of the electricity required. We then review the difference between your generation and total usage, looking to match this gap with other types of generation options, (eg. wind, battery, grid-supplied electricity).

At the end of the day, the right solution is the one that lowers your costs and improves reliability.

If you have system concerns, please contact Clear Energy or your local Community Energy provider directly.

As part of our services, we remotely monitor the performance of our generation systems and will be in contact promptly to arrange a site visit if we identify issues with the system installed.

Pricing & Billing

We estimate a saving of approximately 20% for residential customers and approximately 15-20% for commercial customers off their current bills.

Electricity prices have consistently increased over the last 10 years. To support this there are easily accessible reports and evidence showing that electricity prices have consistently increased faster than the average inflation rate over the last decade. 

Invoices are sent to you by email on a monthly basis. 

Yes, our contract terms for generation and grid-supplied electricity are usually:

  • Generation up to 20 years.
  • Grid-supplied 2-3 years.

In our contract terms, should you want to change to a different retailer for grid supply, we can combine two invoices, one from us for the generation supply and one from the new retailer so you end up with just one electricity invoice. We have attempted to design a contractual approach to keep things transparent and straightforward for customers.

There are multiple benefits of entering into long-term contracts with Clear Energy such as:

  • Hedge against average inflation (CPI electricity 2009-2019 8.7%).
  • Provides certainty in budget planning.
  • Locks in fixed savings.
  • Loyalty bonus of up to an additional 50% reduction in electricity prices on completion of the initial contract.