How the Clear Energy model works

By working together, we can deliver electricity that is cheaper, cleaner, more reliable and supports your community.
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Energy as a Service is a business model whereby customers pay for an energy service without having to make any upfront capital investment, through the deployment of community-scale Distributed Energy Resources.

Using this model, Clear Energy are able to service all customers and provide real choice – from single site small use customers, through to large industrial customers with operations over multiple sites.

Our model delivers cheaper, cleaner and more reliable electricity to remote and regional communities in a way that allows for participation, job creation and revenue at the local community level. Further, we deliver system security for network owners and regulators as we transition to a post carbon world.

The delivery of our model relies on the existence of three essential stakeholders – the Customer, the Community and Clear Energy.


The Community Energy Enterprise acting on behalf of Clear Energy is the central contact point for the customers we service. The role of the enterprise is to help negotiate prices, ancillary charges, collect fees and redistribute appropriately.

Clear Energy

We facilitate the design and development of energy solutions for each customer, incorporating onsite electricity topped up by grid supplied electricity where necessary. Customers do not pay for the installation of the onsite generation as Clear Energy (in connection with parent company Tersum Energy) retain ownership of, and responsibility for, the generation assets.


As a Clear Energy customer, you have access to more sustainable electricity, without the upfront cost of installing infrastructure, at a much cheaper rate. You are directly invoiced through the Community Energy Enterprise, keeping the process streamlined and simplified. 

Our energy is better for you, your business, the community and the environment.


Visual description of how the Clear Energy business model works